Cassy Jo Brown (she/they) is an artist and poet from Nine Mile Falls, Washington currently based out of Vail, Colorado. Cassy Jo's art and writing are inspired by her relationship to the natural world and the places, both in nature and in ourselves, where seemingly polarized forces coexist: a shadow merging with the light, decomposition leading to growth, the ability to hold onto hope amongst pain and despair. These liminal spaces remind her that we can always lean into discomfort and perceived difference to find connection, understanding, and peace.

Cassy Jo loves finding ways to connect the recreational activities she loves with her art. Ski jackets and skateboards are some of her favorite canvases. Letting her art "out in the wild" is an important part of her creative expression.

Cassy Jo believes that nature is the best teacher, healer, and inspiration; it shows us that everthing is interconnected. She hopes her art can encourage people to embrace these connections to foster harmonious relationships with themselves, each other, and the earth.

Thank you for being here.